re-visiting memories

A grocery store in Vancouver BC, one of the series I painted built 1930s or older, which won a Heritage Award from the City of Vancouver in 1989

Reviewing a body of heritage images, it reflects my passion for characteristics of historic neighbourhoods in Vancouver BC. I began painting them in the1980s, when I would find myself searching again for something old and iconic only to find it had vanished. Asking friends how I could learn early about decisions which allowed buildings to vanish, I was advised to join the Heritage Committee of the Community Arts Council of Vancouver and was soon drawn into campaigns to save historic landmarks. This led to me using my work as a way to raise public awareness. It is not just a building to be preserved, it deserves a sympathetic setting. Old European cities provide a neighbourhood patina; Vancouver is a thriving New World city but even so the scale of new buildings can be designed to keep an icon.



Published by Jo Scott-B

Exploring medieval design and fascinated by leaf patterns *Founding member of Heritage Vancouver, *Served on The City of Vancouver’s Heritage Commission *Heritage Award for her paintings of grocery stores built in Vancouver in the 1930s and earlier * Artist in Residence at Cannery in Steveston BC

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