Okanagan BC

Studio Methods

Painting near water is magigal. Dappled light, flickering reflections, ever changing shadows and colours. When not working on a project, I fill sketchbooks with quick studies, a habit left over from art school. In public places, figures add to the story. People are quick to sense being watched; quickly capturing an image is like stream of conscious writing -without pause for thinking or crticism. Though landscapes don’t care how long you stare I still apply the same rule.

When sketching, I often add written reminders about weather, or place or why I drew something.

Published by Jo Scott-B

Exploring medieval design and fascinated by leaf patterns *Founding member of Heritage Vancouver, *Served on The City of Vancouver’s Heritage Commission *Heritage Award for her paintings of grocery stores built in Vancouver in the 1930s and earlier * Artist in Residence at Cannery in Steveston BC

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