Studio Habits

Working methods

My paintings grow from a simple idea into a series. Research often involves a series of small thumbnails. Art school years ingrained my life long working methods, habits which feel comfortable and hard to change. This bird doodle is approx 2 by 3 inches, similar in size to others on this page.

Here are three series of small design ‘doodles’ done talking to a client who had something in mind and images help us meld our thoughts – The first is vertical, others broader. The process helped them understand what elements the piece wanted to capture from a memory filled property, now sold to a new owner. (None of these doodles resemble the final piece.)


Published by Jo Scott-B

Exploring medieval design and fascinated by leaf patterns *Founding member of Heritage Vancouver, *Served on The City of Vancouver’s Heritage Commission *Heritage Award for her paintings of grocery stores built in Vancouver in the 1930s and earlier * Artist in Residence at Cannery in Steveston BC

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