Okanagan BC

Trees: Ponderosa Pine The pines in the Okanagan valley are mostly ponderosa, with reddish heavily textured trunks and twisting branches. I have always loved drawing trees, from the imported pines in Sierra de la Ventana, Argentina to old olive trees in the Bosque in Lima, Peru. (drawings shown here are from an Okanagan sketch book.)

Beyond Vancouver

Steveston BC – a great spot for fresh fish Both my father and brother were mechanical engineers and I have always been fascinated by machinery. Plus, having never lived in one place for more than four years, the qualities that make a place unique continue to intrigue me. In 2003, I spent time in StevestonContinue reading “Beyond Vancouver”

Vancouver’s Heritage Colours

True Colours program More on colour: Black and white archive photos don’t help owners researching historic colours when restoring heritage homes. Writing color notes, I rarely paint on site in my sketchbook – adding pigment later. (When dawing a quick series, damp pages can easily damage ). Vancouver owners can choose from Dunbar Buff, StrathconaContinue reading “Vancouver’s Heritage Colours”


Heritage buildings Walking along Jackson St on a breezy sunny day, I was first attracted to this white building by thedappled shadows, then to its icing sugar colours In the 1980s, when I began painting old grocery stores and their adjascent sites, colours appeared consistently across a variety of neighbourhoods. How had they looked originally?Continue reading “Colour”

Industrial Heritage

Waterfront Vancouver sits on a wide delta where many fingers of the Fraser river spill into the Straight of Georgia. Like all waterfront cities, marine traffic plays a key role for commerce, fishing, tourism etc. Vancouver waterfront aws originally heavily industrial. I often drew warehouses that ceded their spots to development pressures. Granville Island hadContinue reading “Industrial Heritage”

Vancouver Neighbourhoods

Sketching old buildings When first exploring Vancouver, I sketched  older buildings which seemed to encapsulate unique neighbourhood character whilst not knowing much about the city’s history. In the 1980s, many areas had clusters of wooden buildings that included commercial stretches of two-three storey apartments, with stores and cafes, as well as a variety of areasContinue reading “Vancouver Neighbourhoods”