Vancouver Neighbourhoods

Sketching old buildings When first exploring Vancouver, I sketched  older buildings which seemed to encapsulate unique neighbourhood character whilst not knowing much about the city’s history. In the 1980s, many areas had clusters of wooden buildings that included commercial stretches of two-three storey apartments, with stores and cafes, as well as a variety of areasContinue reading “Vancouver Neighbourhoods”


East Vancouver A majestic house on the up slope of Salisbury Street afforded it a sweeping view of a wide panorama when it was built. The painting remains unfinished as it had enough details focused on its main features. A proposed townhouse development came to the City of Vancouver’s Heritage Commission in the 1990s ,Continue reading “NEIGHBOURHOODS”

Re-launching Blog

This site is emerging from a break enforced by COVID. It feels good to be back after a period of re-focusing my work and preparing for a new heritage related project, no longer focused on older character buildings in Vancouver BC. This hint about my background is an old steam locomotive taking on water. BothContinue reading “Re-launching Blog”