BARNS – (images copyright protected – request permission to use from the artist)

In the 1980s, when I was driving regularly to Seattle, I developed an interest in barns. Some were abandoned and overgrown but most were well maintained, functional and appeared to fit into set design styles. Learning more on the subject added to the pleasure of my drive. The pampas of Argentina where I grew up, have a scarcity of wood so cement and galvanised tin were more usual building materials. In my Strathcona series, John Atkin told me about the barns which still existed there and I painted several. Recent floods here have reminded me of the barns I painted in the Fraser Valley. Only this yellow barn, with its iconic silo, remains in my collection. Sadly, a flood in my studio in the 1990s destroyed my photos of others, which had all sold. (If you own one, I’d love a picture.– Jo)

Published by Jo Scott-B

Exploring medieval design and fascinated by leaf patterns *Founding member of Heritage Vancouver, *Served on The City of Vancouver’s Heritage Commission *Heritage Award for her paintings of grocery stores built in Vancouver in the 1930s and earlier * Artist in Residence at Cannery in Steveston BC

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